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Good security means peace of mind
for you and your family

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Secure perimeter monitoring
nips potential problems
in the bud.

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Good security starts at your access points

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High security locks
and access control

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Basic measures are very important

Active Security Solutions, Ireland’s #1 Security Firm

Highly experienced, expert team providing practical and effective solutions, with 24/7 support

Intruder Alarms

Intruder alarms are part of the first line of defence for homes and businesses. Active security are acknowledged market leaders in high quality intruder alarms and monitoring systems. Good security gives you peace of mind, secure in the knowledge that your home, business or family is protected, no matter where you are. Good security is our business.
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CCTV / Security Cameras

CCTV and security cameras act as a deterrent as well as gathering evidence and allowing for remote monitoring. Modern days, motion sensing cameras record to hard drives and cam be monitored from anywhere in the world using a computer, tablet or smartphone. These systems are more reliable and more cost effective than ever before.
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Access Control

Access control systems allow you to select who can access your premises, which parts they can access and the times at which access is permitted. We supply access control systems ranging from from a single door to organisation-wide flexible and scaleable controls. A comprehensive record of who went where and when is a very useful security asset.
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Some of Active Security's Clients

Access and control of your security systems at your fingertips

Monitor and control your alarm, cameras, lights, gates, etc. from anywhere in the world or from the comfort of your armchair if you're at home.
active security dublin ireland

Active Security, Dublin, Ireland.

Commercial and domestic security systems in Dublin and Leinster

Active Security Services

  • CCTV. Your first line of defence

    CCTV and security cameras have developed significantly in the past decade. Modern systems allow for remote monitoring, audio and video recording and the ability to communicate via loudspeaker to let intruders know that you can see them. "You in the blue hoodie, you are being recorded on CCTV and the Guards have been notified" is a very powerful deterrent and helps prevent many crimes. CCTV video and audio footage provides high quality evidence and leads to many arrests and recovery of stolen goods.
  • Discreet, professional, highly efficient service

    Security services, the good ones at least, are by their nature discreet and confidential. We don't talk about our clients, we don't discuss their business. Some of the well-known companies we serve have kindly given us permission to mention their names. Our reputation in the industry speaks for itself and we won't do anything to diminish it.
  • From straightforward alarms to total protection systems

    We provide a truly comprehensive service. Although we provide the most complex and sophisticated security systems, We are also very happy to install and monitor good, simple and effective intruder alarms for houses throughout Dublin City and County.


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